Nemi Chia Rolls Out Spoonable Chia

Historically known for its sprouts that function as hair or fur on terracotta figurines, chia (Salvia hispanica) seeds today are regarded as a superfood and are finding their way into all types of foods and beverages. Nemi Chia LLC, New York, is rolling out Nemi Chia Spoonable Chia, which is a refrigerated vegan product made with chia seeds soaked in a special blend of almond and coconut milk.

This gluten-free, pudding-style product comes in four varieties: Blueberry, Original, Peach and Strawberry. Each single-serve 5.3-oz. container provides 130-140 calories and 5-7g of fat, depending on variety, and 2g of protein. The company promotes the product as a source of sustainable energy, as chia seeds have a low-glycemic index and contain iron, which can help improve oxygen transport in the body to combat fatigue.

Further, chia seeds are recognized as a powerhouse of nutrients, including heart-healthy essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, protein and fiber. The latter two nutrients assist with weight management, as they both contribute to satiety, while the fiber aids in digestion. Chia seeds are also recognized as a unique source of dairy-free calcium, a critical nutrient for bone health throughout the life cycle.

The suggested retail price is $3.29.

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