Organic Drinks from OrganicMe are Fun and Functional

Consumers who think they cannot get natural, healthy and beneficial all in one drink will be surprised with an innovative new line of functional beverages from OrganicMe. The company has launched four USDA-certified organic, 100 percent natural beverages in 12-oz. sleek cans.

EnergizeMe has a berry pomegranate acai flavor and pairs yerba mate and guarana, two of nature’s most trusted stimulants, for a beneficial boost of energy. FocusMe is citrus berry-flavored and adds L-theanine from green tea to the formula for enhanced mental clarity. CalmMe has a berry lemonade flavor and features ancient herbal ingredients from two flowering plants for a moment of welcomed peace from life’s chaos. SleepMe is blackberry vanilla-flavored and contains a proprietary blend of chamomile, valerian root extract and L-theanine, a trusted trio for a good night’s sleep.

All of OrganicMe’s beverages are gluten-free, GMO-free, vegan and rich in antioxidants.

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