Plum Organics Rolls Out Squeeze Pouches for Grown-Ups

Organic kids’ nutrition company Plum Organics now has something for mom and dad. Like the company's kids’ products, Plum Vida comes in a lightweight, resealable pouch. Enjoyed straight out of the pouch at room temperature or chilled, each 5-oz. pouch contains 3g fiber and 70-90 calories, depending on variety.

Cherry Berry Beet Ginger combines the natural sweetness of cherries and berries with a hint of beet and a zing of ginger. Pear Kale Spinach Celery blends leafy greens with juicy pear and a subtle hint of celery root. Pineapple Carrot Mint is tropical pineapple with crisp carrot and a refreshing minty kick.

“Plum Vida began with the women on our innovation team. We often turned to noshing on our baby food blends when we were craving a quick dose of fruits and veggies and wanted a break from granola bars,” says Jen Brush, senior innovation manager. “And over the years we heard from consumers constantly -- from moms to runners to college students -- who shared our squeezable snacking habits as part of their daily exercise routine or as a midday pick-me-up.” The suggested retail price is $1.99 per pouch or $6.99 for a four-pack.

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