Saputo Develops Milk-based Protein Shake

Identifying a need within the protein beverage category for a product that combines the benefits of fresh milk with a healthy dose of protein, Saputo Dairy Products Canada G.P., Montreal, has developed a beverage intended for those who will stop at nothing in their pursuit of an active lifestyle. With 26g of protein per 325ml bottle, new Milk2Go Sport is a ready-to-drink, milk-based protein shake that not only helps stimulate muscle repair after workouts, but also dulls hunger, which can assist people who are trying to lose weight.

“People are increasingly mindful about their protein intake, but are often pressed for time or unsure about what to consume post-workout to ensure proper recovery,” says Philippe Duhamel, marketing manager. “Many products currently on the market contain many undesirable ingredients such as vegetable oils and require considerable time to measure and mix. Milk2Go Sport was formulated for on-the-go people who are looking for a great-tasting product that is high in protein with the natural goodness of milk.”

Milk2Go Sport comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors. It can be found in all major convenience stores, grocery stores and select foodservice outlets across Canada at a suggested retail price between $1.99-2.49.

Milk2Go Sport
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