Van Drunen Farms’ Frozen Veggies and Herbs Add Spice to Regular Meals

Van Drunen Farms’ (VDF) Frozen Vegetable and Herb Blends are made to add flavor and nutrition to foods. From quinoa dishes to allergy sensitive gluten-free pasta, Frozen Vegetable and Herb Blends are designed to be added to new dishes as well as old favorites.

Standard vegetable blends from VDF include: IQF Fajita Blend (fire-roasted onions, red and green bell peppers), IQF Corn/Bean Medley (roasted corn, black beans, roasted tomato, poblano pepper, cilantro), and IQF Vegetable Blend (red pepper, white onion, sun-dried tomato, mushroom). Customized Frozen Vegetable and Herb Blends are also available.

VDF's Frozen Vegetable and Herb Blends are made for any number of applications including: pizzas, pasta dishes, rice, soups, stews, chili, fajitas, tacos, salsas, salads, omelets, other egg dishes, and much more. These blends are constructed to work well for globally-inspired dishes, comfort foods or just about any style dish—adding color, flavor and nutrition.

Van Drunen Farms says that during the IQF process, freshly harvested vegetables and herbs are spread in a single layer on a slow-moving conveyor through sub-zero air. Bulk packaging and packaging for food service are available.

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