Veggie Fries Have A Dose of Veggies in Every Fry

It was not that long ago that Bostoners Dave and Cristina Peters and their three children set out to make a better-for-you French fry using potatoes, vegetables and healthful oils. They created the first batches of Veggie Fries in their home kitchen and today are revolutionizing the $30 billion dollar frozen French fry category by providing consumers with a healthier alternative to America’s beloved fry.

“I’ve always had a passion for food and taken a genuine interest in the packaged foods space,” says Dave Peters, founder and CEO. “About three years ago, I recognized there was an incredible opportunity to fill a gap that existed within the frozen French fry section of my local grocery store. I realized that no other brand in the space was attempting to fulfill consumer demand and desire for a delicious fry that also delivered real, vegetable nutrition. And that is how Veggie Fries was born.”

Providing the crispy outside and fluffy inside expected of a French fry, Veggie Fries comes in four varieties: Broccoli, Carrot, Chickpea & Red Pepper and Tuscan Bean & Herb. The suggested retail price is $4.49 per 14-oz. bag.

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