Wheat Thin Crackers Pop Up as an Afternoon Snack

Wheat Thins Popped, a new munchable chip from Mondelez International, East Hanover, N.J., made its red carpet debut with the help of Kelly Osbourne, an arbiter of fashion, style and wholesome living. On April 9, Osbourne celebrated the launch of the whole-grain popped chip in the heart of Times Square with an interactive sculpture made from more than 400 balloons that were popped over a 90-minute period. New Yorkers and visitors to The Big Apple were invited to take an afternoon snack break.

“I’m not a fan of what’s considered ‘diet food.’ I prefer to eat sensibly,” says Osbourne. “When I started focusing on living better, I realized that you should never give up the things you love. It’s about balance and making smart decisions. So Wheat Thins Popped fits nicely into my life, fitness routine and Chanel purse, in a little plastic bag, of course.”

The snack comes in 4.5-oz. multi-serve bags and has a suggested retail price of $3.69. A single serving is 26 chips, or 30g, and contains 120-130 calories, depending on variety, of which there are three: Sea Salt, Sour Cream & Onion and Spicy Cheddar.

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