Fuchs Offers New Line Of Convenience Food Seasonings And Sauces

The company’s new line of seasonings, sauces, mixes and flavors focuses on convenience foods, including fast food and fast casual. The 10 items include three burger seasonings (Smoky-Spicy Garlic, Cheddar-Bacon, Mushroom Truffle); three sauces (Yokohama Yum-Yum, Ultimate Craveable, Tunisian Honey-Harissa); two side seasonings (Roasted Vegetable, Garlic & Herb); and two drink mixes (Basil Breeze and Masala Chai). The company says the new offerings help foodservice establishments and food manufacturers create novel and exciting items that build on diverse culinary traditions but are also unique in their own ways.

Fuchs Seasonings
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