Hormel Foods Introduces Snack-Size Hot Chip Dippers

Snacking has become such a ubiquitous part of the Americans diet that marketers are getting more sophisticated in the foods they offer for snack time. Hormel Foods LLC now offers Snackers, a line of premium microwaveable dips that can be consumed by an individual as a hearty snack or shared with a friend. The 7.5-oz. plastic containers are sold in the ambient aisle and come in four varieties: Cheesy Bacon & Jalapeno, Chili Cheese, Southwestern Style Nacho and Spinach & Artichoke. The dips are warmed in 60 seconds in the microwave, making them attractive for the convenience-store channel.

With cheese as a base ingredient, the dips are a source of satiety-inducing fat and protein. Each container is said to contain about eight 2-tablespoon servings, with each serving providing 40-50 calories, 3-3.5g of fat and 1-2g of protein, depending on variety. Snackers sell for about $1.49 each and have been heavily discounted and couponed during their initial rollout.

Hormel Snackers Dip
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