Hydraulic Bulk Bag Conditioner Helps Loosen Materials

The Block Buster hydraulic bulk bag conditioner loosens bulk materials that cannot be loosened by pneumatically actuated flow promotion devices. The hydraulically actuated rams automatically adjust in height to accommodate short to extra-tall bags. The rams provide approximately six feet of vertical travel, roughly double the range of most conditioners employing scissor lifts to raise the bag, while the fixed-height turntable reduces loading deck height by about half. The user can program single or multiple heights at which the rams condition the bag, the amount of pressure applied by the rams' contoured end plates, the frequency of ram actuations and the number of 90-degree rotations of the turntable, loosening solidified materials throughout the bag for discharge through the bag spout.

Fleixcon hydraulic bulk bag conditioner
Product Type:
Powders & solids