Mars Introduces Goodness in a Bar

Mars Chocolate North America introduces goodnessknows, a pre-portioned snack bar crafted with whole nuts, real fruit, toasted oats and dark chocolate. The bar is divided into four snackable two-bite squares containing just under 40 calories. A four-square pack contains 150 calories, 7g of fat, 12g of sugar and 3g of protein.

Each snack square is nestled in a layer of dark chocolate, with each serving containing 100mg of naturally occurring cocoa flavanols. Mars is a pioneer and leader in cocoa flavanol research and has more than 80 patents, including a patented process for gently handling unfermented cocoa beans to preserve the flavanols that may be destroyed in conventional cocoa processing.

The new snack contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and will begin rolling out nationally in August after a successful test market in Denver. There are three varieties: Apple Almond & Peanut Dark Chocolate, Cranberry Almond Dark Chocolate and Peach & Cherry Almond Dark Chocolate. The suggested retail price is $1.59-1.99 per pack (four squares) and $4.99-6.99 per five-serving multi-pack carton.

Goodness Knows Bar
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