Mistica Foods Introduces Jim Beam Boneless Breaded Chicken Wingz with Honey Bourbon Sauce

Following the growing trend of alcohol-infused foods, Mistica Foods introduces Jim Beam Boneless Breaded Chicken Wingz with Honey Bourbon Sauce. This independent, woman-owned company provides custom menu and supply-chain solutions to foodservice as well as retail channels. This new frozen appetizer is rolling out just in time for tailgating, holiday and Super Bowl parties.

Marinated and breaded, the boneless chicken pieces are finished with a savory, sweet sauce made with the world’s leading bourbon, Jim Beam. Dark liquor, such as bourbon and brandy, are increasingly being used to add a layer of unexpected flavor to savory foods.

“Chicken wings are an American tradition,” says Monika Walas, president of Mistica Foods. “We are thrilled to share this no-fuss, no mess delicious dish, which is so simple to prepare and enjoy.” This all-white meat, fully cooked and microwaveable chicken finger food comes in 3-lb. freezer bags and has a suggested retail price of $12.98.

Mistica Boneless Breaded Wings
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