Old Wisconsin Helps Consumers Fuel Up on Smoked Protein

Appealing to growing consumer demand for delicious and nutritious better-for-you snack alternatives, Carl Buddig & Co. introduces Old Wisconsin Fast Fuel Sausage Sticks and Bites. The line includes authentically hardwood smoked beef sausage and honey-brown sugar turkey sausage. The sticks come in two pack sizes -- 0.5 oz. and 1.5 oz. — while the bites come in a 3.5 oz. bag.

The product launch comes at the end of the first full school year following the publication of USDA Smart Snacks in Schools nutrition standards and hopes to make the menu next year. That’s because each 0.5-oz. serving contains 40 calories or less and provides 4g of protein while being low in fat, sugar and sodium. The snacks also have zero trans fat and are gluten-free.

“The meat snack category is booming and this new product launch fills an important need for protein-packed snacks,” says Jeff Weber, national brand manager. “We’ve also stayed true to our old-fashioned, hand-crafted, real hardwood-smoked taste, so our Fast Fuel snacks are flavorful and satisfying for anyone looking for a snack on-the-go.”

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