Triple-Layered Yogurt Contains Three Layers of Decadence

According to Sterling-Rice Group, 2015 could be known as the year Americans get over their fat phobia, specifically natural, animal-derived fats. This includes milkfat, which has long been reduced or eliminated in everything from milk to ice cream to yogurt. This is changing in the cultured dairy and yogurt category, where consumers are learning that not only is milkfat delicious, but it adds to the food’s satiating properties and actually helps them eat less.

That’s what Oh My Yog! from Stonyfield Farm is all about. This new decadent yogurt contains three layers of goodness. The top layer is cream, the middle layer is honey-sweetened whole milk yogurt and the bottom is flavorful fruit, or in the case of the Madagascar Vanilla Bean variety, vanilla-infused yogurt. The fruit varieties are: Apple Cinnamon, Gingered Pear, Orange Cranberry, Pacific Coast Strawberry and Wild Quebec Blueberry. Each 6-oz. cup contains 190 calories, 5g of fat and 7g of protein.

The suggested retail price is $1.69.

Stonyfield 3 layer yogurt
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