Swanson Broths Now Available in a Bottle

Campbell Soup Co.’s Swanson broth brand has a new, convenient bottle format. The 24-oz. plastic recloseable bottles are home to two varieties: Swanson Chicken and Swanson Natural Goodness Chicken. The bottle includes a measuring strip so consumers can pour what’s needed and know how much remains in the bottle. The company is promoting the broth for moistening leftovers and using in place of water to increase the flavor of side dishes.

The company also introduces Swanson Unsalted Broth in beef and chicken varieties. Sold in 32-oz. aseptic rescloseable boxes, the no-salt-added chicken broth contains 45mg of sodium per one-cup serving. The beef variety has 75mg. This is significantly lower than the 500mg to 900mg of sodium found in the brand’s mainstream broths.

Earlier this year, the brand added Louisiana Cajun and Tuscan Chicken to its aseptically packaged line of Swanson Flavor Infused Broths, joining Chicken Hot and Sour, Mexican Tortilla and Thai Ginger, which were introduced at the end of 2013. Each of the broths is made with globally sourced ethnic spices to add bold and complex flavors to dishes without the hassle of hard-to-find ingredients.