Turmeric-Based Beverage Now with Probiotics

Temple Turmeric, purveyors of turmeric-based beverages created to support positive inflammation response, is rolling out two seasonal beverages that contain probiotics, the company’s first probiotic offerings. New Holiday Spiced Lassi and Pure Fire Cider both contain one billion colony-forming-units of the patented spore-forming probiotic GanedenBC30.

Similar to its other beverages, the company uses a proprietary varietal of turmeric – non-GMO Hawaiian Oana Turmeric — as the base ingredient. Turmeric is an herb long recognized around the world for contributing to health and wellness, in particular, functioning as an anti-inflammatory. And, for 2015, the Sterling-Rice Group identified turmeric as one of the top nine natural and organic food trends.
Temple Turmeric blends this powerhouse herb with synergistic botanicals for optimized absorption in the body. All of the company’s beverages are processed and packaged using high-pressure processing to preserve nutrition and ingredient efficacy.

The new dairy-free lassi also includes mango, coconut milk, quinoa, hemp and holiday-inspired ingredients such as tart cranberry, sweet fiber-rich dates and spicy cardamom. The cider contains tart, fiery apple cider vinegar, heat-stimulating ghost pepper, horseradish and ginger, all balanced by the delicate sweetness of orchard-fresh apple cider.

Temple Holiday Spiced Lassi
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