Yoatz All-in-One Greek Yogurt Includes Whole Fruit and Oats

With a mission of “to change the way the world eats oats,” Facci Food Co., introduces Yoatz. This new refrigerated ready-to-eat product combines organic gluten-free steel cut oats with organic Greek yogurt. Described as “sugared responsibly,” the Original variety is slightly sweetened with honey and brown sugar. There are five fruit varieties that rely on honey and stevia for sweetness: Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry Flax, Banana Cinnamon, Peach and Strawberry Chia.

The formulation of Yoatz is the result of Founder Chris Straface’s personal connection with Type II diabetes, which his mother has. While researching food options for her, he found that most yogurts and heart-healthy oat cereals had high-sugar contents. He decided to combine the best of the two products and make it diabetic friendly, with each 5.3-oz. cup containing a mere 6g of sugar. Sold in the dairy case, a serving also contains 11g of protein and 4g of fiber, which together provide a feeling of fullness. The company markets the product as heart-healthy and gluten-free. It’s also nonfat, low in sodium, kosher and contains no added colors, preservatives or stabilizers.

yoatz oats and yogurt
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