Zone 8 Beverages Offers Healthy Tea Flavor Options

With a growing number of consumers shifting from mainstream sodas to natural beverages that contain ingredients with health benefits, the ready-to-drink tea category is booming. The largest issue facing the beverage industry today is the lack of flavors that address the cultural relevance of the growing ethnic markets and the millennials with their ethnically diverse network of friends. To address this void of unique healthy tea flavor options, Zone 8 Beverages has developed a line of namesake flavorful teas based on the world’s various agricultural regions, called plant hardiness zones, with zone 8 being the region where tea is found around the world. The line includes Honey Lemon Tea, Red Rooibos Tea & Pomegranate Tea, Agua de Jamaica Hibiscus Tea, Black and Green Teas, Tee Time (Half Tea/Half Lemonade), Masala Spice Tea and Prickly Pear Limeade.

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