Cape Cod Brand Chips are On the Road Again

Snyder’s-Lance Inc. unveils Cape Cod brand #RoadTripChip limited-edition kettle-cooked potato chips. The 2.5-oz bags are available in seven flavors and feature inviting images of famous U.S. landmarks and picturesque destinations to inspire travelers to hit the road and enjoy the ride this summer.

“When taking road trips, convenience stores are popular for travelers to stop, get gas or grab a favorite snack,” says Rod Troni, chief marketing officer. “Cape Cod will join travelers with exciting chips and flavors and interesting destinations to explore on our bags so people can snap and share their trips (using #RoadTripChip) with us and their friends and family on social media.”

Sea Salt & Vinegar features The Statue of Liberty, while Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno showcases The Alamo. Waffle Cut Sea Salt explores the west coast’s Golden Gate Bridge, while Waffle Cut Buffalo Cheddar takes you east to Niagara Falls. The other three flavors are all about the great outdoors. Sweet Mesquite Barbeque features a campsite. Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper has you on a sandy beach. Original puts you in a boat on the middle of a lake.

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