Charles Ross & Son Co. Releases Portable High-Shear Mixing System

Portable High Shear Mixing System is designed for powder dispersion into liquid, emulsification and homogenization in a closed, temperature controlled vessel. The 200-liter system features 316L stainless steel wetted parts, sight/charge ports, ASME dimpled jacket rated for 85 psig, chloride-free insulation with stainless steel sheathing, a high accuracy weighing scale and NEMA 4X gas-purged controls. It's mounted on the cover in a vapor-tight sealing arrangement. Its four-blade rotor runs up to 3,600 rpm within a close tolerance slotted stator, delivering intense mechanical and hydraulic shear. The mixer is driven by a 5 hp stainless steel wash-down duty explosion-proof motor. The entire portable system is easily moved from one room to another.

CharlesRoss Portable Mixer
Product Type:
Mixing & blending
Charles Ross & Son