Company Introduces Nuts Made Specifically to be Paired with Craft Beer

Over the past decade, the alcoholic beverage industry has evolved significantly, with many flavors developed to enhance people’s drinking experience. With all these new beverage creations popping up, Nuts for Drinks decided the new drinks needed their own snacks.

The company introduced a namesake line of premium baked and specially coated peanut snacks designed to pair perfectly with a consumer’s favorite alcoholic beverage. The company not only created a new snack but also a new snack category. The first flavors to the market are developed to pair with craft beer. Nuts For IPA Aromatic Citrus combines rosemary and grapefruit flavors to match the different hops varieties found in several American-style IPAs where pine, citrus, resin and tropical flavors dominate. Nuts For Lager Spicy Chutney has bold chutney tropical flavors with lingering spicy notes. Nuts For Stout Coffee and Dark Chocolate pairs roasted coffee flavors with dark chocolate to complement the molasses-like taste of typical Porter and Stout beers. These nuts also pair with red wine and brown spirits. Nuts For Wheat Ale Sweet & Zesty melds tropical banana-like flavor with warm baking spices and hint of orange peel.

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