Gericke Batch Mixer Enhances Production

Gericke USA's Batch Mixer (GBM) is a single shaft paddle mixer used for powder mixing solutions. The mixer is available in sizes from 50 to 4,400 liters of useful volume per batch.

According to the manufacturer, a short mixing time, varying between 8 to 12 batches per hour, results in high production efficiency.  Liquids can also be sprayed into the chamber and dispersed with the optional dispersion tool.

The GBM mixer is designated for applications in the food processing industry, as confectionary, seasonings or ready to drink production.

Gericke offers a test facility to determine the most effective product for your application and can provide a design study of the entire missing plant, including its own developed and manufactured feeders, mixers and powder handling equipment.

Gericke USA Batch Mixer
Product Type:
Mixing & blending
Gericke USA