Go Veggie Snacks Offer Options for Vegans and Vegetarians

Galaxy Nutritional Foods grows its vegetarian snacking portfolio. New Go Veggie Lactose & Soy Free Bars are snacking cheese alternatives that are gluten- and cholesterol-free. Now arriving in both conventional and natural grocery stores nationwide, the 50-calorie bars come in two trendy flavors: Sriracha and White Cheddar. The 6-oz. bag contains eight 0.75-oz. bars and has a suggested retail price of $5.99.

The company is also launching Go Veggie Vegan Spread & Dip Minis, the only vegan, plant-based substitute for traditional spreads and dips, according to the company. The concept is debuting in a Chive & Garlic flavor. A 5.2-oz. pack contains four 1.3-oz. minis and has a suggested retail price of $3.99. Both new products are based on coconut oil.

“Our vegan cream cheese alternatives have been winning awards for taste and texture since their inception in 2013. We were keen on expanding this range of popular products into the $124 billion snack category by offering our consumers 100-calorie minis,” says Whitney Velasco-Aznar, vice president of marketing. “It’s portion control meets calorie control for snackers on the go. Dip it with baby carrots, pretzels or chips; spread it on bagels, sandwiches or wraps.”

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