High-Speed Shrink Sleever Engineered For Continuous Use

The R-300 shrink sleever is a high-speed shrink labeler engineered for continuous use. It quickly reconfigures from shrink labeler to multipacker and easily back again. The system is compatible with rigid packages, cartons, bottles and cans; it accommodates special shapes and container capacities from 2 oz. to a gallon. It opens and forms the sleeve into various shapes such as oval, square and rectangular. It replaces the quick-dulling “spinning knives” typical on other sleeving machines with a proprietary heavy-duty knife assembly. The knives deliver clean, consistent cuts for months, without “hairs” or the ragged cuts produced by rotary cutters. It runs thinner gauge material, 1.25 to 2 mil (30 to 50 micron) at speeds up to 400 cpm, over extended periods. PETG, PVC, OPS and PLA films are all suitable.

PDC R 300
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PDC International Corp.