Jetstream Mixer Provides Homogenous Mixing In Vessels

Powder Technologies offers the Ystral Jetstream Mixer to provide economical, homogenous, gentle and complete mixing in vessels. The mixer uses a jetstream principle for complete micro and macro mixing with absolutely no sedimentation.  A fast rotating rotor creates a vertical stream in a stator directed towards the bottom of the tank or vessel. The stream is then diverted at the bottom forming an upwards stream on the vessel walls. 

The unit mixes without incorporating air along the mixing shaft or creating a vortex. Jetstream mixers reduce the energy input to the products. Up to 90% of the energy is transferred directly into vertical product motion.

The mixer is designed for top, bottom or side entry installation in any process vessel and sanitary units are available. Typical applications include but are not limited to homogenizing, dispersions, suspensions, emulsifying and dissolving.

PTI jetstream mixer
Product Type:
Mixing & blending
Powder Technologies