Krave Offering Culinary-Inspired Meat Snacks

Krave Pure Foods, a subsidiary of the Hershey Co., is elevating meat snack options with groundbreaking and artisanal flavors inspired by the brand’s Sonoma, Calif., roots. The new Krave Stick was created in Napa Valley during innovation sessions with the Culinary Institute of America’s consulting group. The Krave Stick is an evolution of traditional meat snacks that is layered with unexpected ingredients such as beans and sweet potatoes, and comes in three unique flavors: Rosemary Lemon Turkey with White Beans, Sesame Garlic Beef with Sweet Potato, and Spicy Red Pepper Pork with Black Beans.

“Krave Stick is a perfect solution for convenience consumers looking for better-for-you snacks on-the-go that still deliver great taste and high-quality ingredients,” says General Manager Shane Chambers. “Krave represents a jerky renaissance, providing a natural snack that contains no artificial ingredients and is minimally processed.”

The new sticks join the company’s popular jerkys, as well as the Krave Bar, which comes in an array of sweet and savory flavors that combine quinoa with dried fruits and meat. The four offerings are: Chipotle Cherry Beef, Cranberry Thyme Turkey, Mango Jalapeño Pork and Wild Blueberry Beef.

Krave Rosemary Lemon Turkey
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