Bellisio Foods Introduces EatingWell Frozen Entrees

Media company Meredith Corp. has developed EatingWell as a lifestyle brand, encompassing a magazine, cookbooks, meal plans and recipes and social media that broadens its reach to 3 million. Now it includes retail food products manufactured by Bellisio Foods.

EatingWell microwave frozen entrees are novel in both flavors and packaging. The eight varieties include Cherry Port Pork, Indian Inspired Chicken, Vermont Cheddar Mac & Cheese and Korean Inspired Beef. The meals start with one cup of vegetables, 13 or more grams of protein, chicken, beef or pork raised without antibiotics and whole grains. Each meal is free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, MSG and hydrogenated oils.

Also novel is the Fresh-Seal packaging. The cutaway carton provides a clear view of the enclosed meal, which the company claims is “hand-placed on a black plate,” then vacuum-sealed in a self-venting film to maintain freshness, reduce freezer burn and increase shelf life. They’re already in more than 5,000 stores nationwide and are rolling out to more.

Suggested price is $3.99