Powder-Solutions Releases Swing-Away Magnet Grate

The Magnattack RapidClean Swing-Away style magnet grate is designed for applications with low headroom. The design improves access to magnet rods, minimizing spillage, and is dust-tight to protect product. The proprietary RE80 and RE80 HT ultra-high-energy magnets provide superior separation efficiency for ferrous and weakly charged metal fragments less than 3mm, including work-hardened 316 and 304 stainless steel fragments. Magnets are rated 10,000-11,000+ gauss standard. The design complies with current HACCP and food safety standards for prevention of extraneous metal contamination. Features include hygienic, ledge-free interior housing and quick-release magnet design for easy extraction. Single- and double-row units are available.

PowderSolutions Swing Away Magnet Grate
Product Type:
Inspection equipment
Powder-Solutions, Inc.