Sethness Introduces Class I Powdered Caramel Color

Sethness Products Company introduced its darkest Class I Powdered Caramel Color – SB245.  Exclusive to Sethness, SB245 is the newest addition to the company’s expanding portfolio of Class I Caramel Colors.  With a Tinctorial Power of 0.2350 – 0.265, this unique Caramel Color is significantly darker than other Class I Powders.

SB245 offers a brown hue, allowing food and beverage manufacturers to switch from brown-toned Class IV Caramel Colors to a more label-friendly Class I. The color is manufactured from non-genetically modified cane sucrose, SB245 is a non-GMO Caramel Color.  It is also low in sulfite, Kosher, gluten free, and no 4-MeI is created during its production.

SB245 provides new clean-label opportunities for a variety of food and beverage applications:  bakery products, drink mixes, soups, sauces, gravies, spices, seasonings and rubs.

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