Squeezable Fruit and Whey Protein Designed for Athletes

SmashPack Protein is an all-natural, high-protein, real-fruit nutritional snack. Whereas most pouched fruits are designed for children, these spouted squeeze packs are designed for athletes and on-the-go consumers looking for a quick, healthy snack or meal replacement. Each 5-oz. pouch is packed with 14g of whey protein, 5g of healthy fats and only 180 calories.

The line comes in three flavors, each with a short list of recognizable ingredients including a blend of fruits to deliver a full serving of fruit per pouch that naturally sweetens the product. Mixed Berry is made with blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Orange Peach contains bananas, oranges and peaches. Tropical Fruit blends bananas, mangos and pineapples with coconut cream. The packs are shelf stable and free of soy, gluten and artificial ingredients.

“SmashPack is a direct result of not being able to find a great-tasting, quick and convenient, high-protein snack made entirely of real food,” said Rob Simpson, CEO and co-founder. “Our goal with SmashPack is to educate and motivate healthy eating habits while making the consumer feel good about the nutrients they are putting into their body.”

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