Volkmann Introduces the BBU2 Contained Bulk Bag Unloader

Volkmann now offers an improved version of its popular Bulk Bag Unloading Station, the BBU2, built to the same exacting quality standards as its vacuum conveying systems. The unit optimizes dust-free material flow from the bag to the vacuum conveyor and downstream processes using advanced features to tailor the level of dust containment to the application without any contamination of the material or work environment.

The BBU2has been designed with modular components and many optional features to meet a variety of production requirements. It features a two-ton capacity, a low profile pick-up, and a patented dust-tight connector to the feed hopper. This discharge chute connector keeps product flow contained and also prevents dirt and other waste material that has collected on the underside of the bulk bag from entering and contaminating the product flow.

Volkman BBU
Product Type:
Conveying equipment