Wayne Products Introduces Intermittent use Oil Skimmer

Wayne Products releases the Mini-Skimmer R.S., a belt-type oil skimmer that collects over a quart of oil per hour despite its tiny housing that measures just 3”x3”x2.75”. Designed as an easy-to-use solution for small machine shops, Mini-Skimmer R.S. skims unwanted tramp oils from coolants, but can rest easily with the flip of a switch once its job is complete. It is the only oil skimmer on the market with an on/off switch, allowing users to easily monitor its activity, and is lightweight and small for seamless transportation between machines. Mini-Skimmer R.S. comes with the company’s industry-standard, stretch-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced cogged belt but has a liquid tight housing made of anodized aluminum and a motor with the highest torque for a skimmer of its size.

mini skimmer
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