Zollipops Offer Sweet Relief While Being Healthy for Teeth

Zollipops were created by Alina Morse, an innovative young girl in Michigan who was inspired after a trip to the bank with her dad. When the teller offered her a sucker, dad quickly reminded Alina how sugar can be bad for your teeth. Having watched her father take several innovative products to market, Alina became determined to follow in his footsteps by developing a candy that contributes to good oral health.

The result was Zollipops, the “After You Eat Treat,” the company’s trademarked slogan. One sucker can be enjoyed after every meal or sugary snack, up to three pops per day. Based on xylitol, erythritol, stevia and other smile-friendly natural ingredients, Zollipops are formulated to restore a healthy mouth pH after eating and may reduce the risk of tooth decay, dental caries and future development of cavities.

Zollipops became available in select Whole Foods Markets at the end of 2014, and in 2015 distribution expanded across the country. Alina has appeared on Good Morning America, CBS Radio and Steve Harvey. Her story has been featured in Forbes, The Washington Post, Time for Kids and other media outlets.

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