Argo Tea Introduces Premium Single Estate Teas

Argo Tea recently introduced its most upscale offering: the Garden Direct Collection. The new line features 24 single-estate teas that are sourced from the world’s premier tea-growing regions. Each reflects the character and subtleties of the unique terroir and climate from the garden where it was grown. With a variety of flavors and levels of caffeine, ranging from popular pure teas like First Flush Darjeeling (from Ambootia Tea Garden, India) to undiscovered teas like Hong Cha (from the Fang District, Thailand) or Sejak (Jeju Island, South Korea), the range of the collection provides unique offerings for all types of tea enthusiasts. The suggested retail price for each loose-leaf bottle varies from $10.95 to $39.95.

“We literally traveled to all ends of the earth to source the best single-estate teas for our Garden Direct Collection,” says Arsen Avakian, founder and CEO. “Our partners not only make some of the best teas but also share in our commitment to making an impact on their communities. We’re proud to work with these world-renowned growers and are passionate about sharing these exceptional pure teas with enthusiasts everywhere.”

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