Cold-Brew Coffee Concentrate Available for Foodservice

S&D Coffee & Tea is launching Toddy cold-brew coffee concentrates for foodservice. Toddy is the “original” cold brew with more than 50 years of heritage. It has a rich cold-brew coffee flavor with no bitterness, the result of a long steeping process combined with a proprietary filtration system.

“Our Toddy cold-brew concentrates alleviate the hassle of measuring, steeping and filtering out coffee grounds when operators try to make cold brew at the store level,” says John Buckner, vice president of marketing at S&D. “With our product, you get authentic cold brew in minutes by the batch or by the glass, and you don’t have to worry about running out by mid-morning.”

The shelf-stable concentrates reduce the food safety risk and storage challenges that are issues when cold brewing in the back of the house. S&D offers two concentrates. The black-label product is a 4:1 concentrate. It can be enjoyed pure black or customized to a customer’s preference. The white-label product is much stronger, a 24:1 concentrate that is specifically formulated with a more pronounced cold brew coffee flavor for mixing with dairy in traditional iced coffees or frozen coffee drinks.

Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
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