Compact Jet Stream Oven Aimed at Start-Up Food Processors

Stein JSO-C Compact Jet Stream Oven is the latest in thermal process innovation and is a solution for processors that need a hygienic design for a continuous process at low throughput. It's aimed at start-ups, customers upgrading a tech center or testing facility and processors with smaller production needs. The hygienically superior 24-in. wide belt linear oven is designed to allow easy access to every surface, with focal points being on cleaning and inspection in an effort to keep the work environment safe for maintenance, sanitation and quality. The vendor's patented impingement cooking technology helps to create a consistent and reliable cooking oven, producing predictable and superior products.

JBT JSO C Compact Jet Stream Oven
Product Type:
Cookers, dryers & ovens
JBT Avure