Farmer's Pantry Growing Namesake Brand with Two New Product Lines

Farmer’s Pantry is growing its namesake brand with two new product lines. Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps are made from American Farm grown corn. Baked, not fried, these crisps are not to be confused with tortilla chips. The company has transformed freshly baked cornbread or corn muffins into convenient, crunchy crisps that come in original, jalapeño and honey butter flavors.

New Farmer’s Pantry Meal Snacks were developed using natural spices and a proprietary slow-cooking method for the beef, chicken and turkey. The protein gets blended with crunchy vegetables or grain-based sides in a double-pouch bag, which keeps the higher-moisture jerky-style meat separate from the dried, crunchy component until its time to enjoy. Varieties include BBQ and Cornbread Meal Snacks, which is a mixture of beef jerky and cornbread crisps. Chick’N Caesar Meal Snacks combine chicken jerky and salad toppings. Chick’N Waffles Meal Snacks is made with chicken jerky and maple waffles. There’s even a Thanksgiving-inspired snack. Turkey Dinner Meal Snacks is a holiday dinner in a ready-to-eat snack made with turkey jerky and blend of crunchy sides.

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