Field Roast Introduces Five New Vegan Frozen Foods

Field Roast, a pioneer in the vegetarian grain/meat analog category, is rolling out five new frozen vegan products. In the snack category, the company offers Miniature Corn Dogs made with Field Roast frankfurters coated in traditional sweet cornbread batter, cooked to crispy perfection. The Fruffalo Wings are spicy and piquant, daring and bold, crispy and saucy. They are based on the company’s best-selling smoked apple sage sausage, cut on the bias, lightly battered, fried to perfection and accompanied by a spicy buffalo sauce.

In the entrée/side dish sector, the company is growing its popular cheesy-style pasta line. Creamy Mac n’ Chao is pasta covered in vegan cheesy sauce made from its creamy Original Chao slices. Chili Mac n’ Chao is pasta covered in a zesty vegan FieldBurger chili sauce, made using tomato cayenne-flavored Chao Slices. There’s also Sunflower Katsu Cutlet, a breaded cutlet of the company’s Original Lentil Sage Field Roast seasoned with black pepper and toasted sunflower seeds.

The products have distribution in Walmart and Whole Foods Market where they have a suggested retail price of $7.99.

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