Flexicon High-Lift Box Container Discharges from 6-10 feet High

Discharge product dust-free into vessels 6-10 ft. above the plant floor with the company’s Tip-Tite High-Lift Box/Container Dumper. Boxes and other containers are loaded at floor level and hydraulically seated against a discharge hood. The assembly is then hydraulically elevated and tipped, causing the discharge hood spout to seat against a gasketed receiving ring installed on any receiving vessel or process equipment. Opening of a pneumatically actuated slide gate valve at the spout outlet allows controlled, dust-free discharge, while closing it allows partially empty boxes and containers to be returned to the plant floor. Constructed of stainless steel finished to food, pharmaceutical or industrial standards, the unit is engineered to perform with fail-safe reliability under constant use in demanding environments.

Flexicon Tip Tite
Product Type:
Powders & solids