Fresh Soup and Wrap Concepts for the Home

Ready Pac Foods, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bonduelle, expands into the growing fresh meal category with the introduction of the Fresh Prep’d brand. Scheduled to hit shelves in September, the brand includes five varieties of Fresh Prep’d Soup Kits. This is the only fresh soup prepared by the consumer right before enjoying. Each bowl contains a flavorful broth and on-trend ingredient combinations, including fresh, crispy vegetables. For example, chicken tortilla contains fire-roasted corn, cabbage, chicken tomato stock concentrate, white chicken meat, tortilla strips, black beans, jalapeno and cilantro. The consumer simply mixes the ingredients with water and microwaves for three minutes.

The five varieties of Fresh Prep’d Wrap Kits feature ingredients that consumers assemble into a wrap right before mealtime. This allows for a fully customizable experience with a fresh, never soggy, tortilla and crisp, crunchy vegetables, previously not possible with pre-packaged, prepared wraps. The buffalo-style ranch contains oven-roasted white chicken chunks, romaine, celery, cheddar cheese, carrots, cabbage and crispy fried onions with a chili and onion tortilla and spicy buffalo ranch sauce.
Both lines contain vegetarian options. A single meal delivers 11-23g of protein.