Harmless Harvest Introduces Probiotic Cultured Coconut Beverage

Harmless Harvest is introducing a probiotic cultured coconut beverage called Harmless Coconut Probiotics. This new plant-based beverage combines the company’s coconut water that comes from Nam Hom coconuts, which are widely thought of as the tastiest varietal in the world, coconut meat from these young coconuts, active probiotic cultures and organic fruits with no added thickeners, stabilizers or artificial flavors. Made from the whole edible organic coconut, it adheres to Harmless Harvest’s commitment to be an ecosystem-based business.

That commitment includes being the first U.S. coconut water to be certified organic, as well as being the first coconut water in the world to achieve Fair for Life certification. Harmless Harvest was also the first company to process coconut water using high-pressure processing to avoid heat pasteurization or citric acid additives, which greatly compromise taste, according to the company. The company pioneered a multi-step microfiltration processing as the safest, most consistent and most environmentally friendly way to bottle coconut water. This process extends shelf life from 45 days to 60 days.

Harmless Coconut Probiotics
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