Hostess Snack Cakes Become Frozen Dairy Treats

After nearly 90 years of baking America’s favorite treats, Hostess Brands LLC collaborated with Nestle Dreyer’s Ice Cream Co. to launch a line of frozen dairy treats. Nestle manufactures and distributes the new products under the Hostess brands. Packaging for the new products carries a photo of the snack cake and the slogan “now a tasty frozen treat.”

Cupcake pints are chocolate ice cream with bite-sized cupcake pieces and swirls of creamy frosting. Ding Dongs are vanilla frozen dairy dessert sandwiches with chocolatey coating. Twinkies are replicated in both novelty and pint formats. The novelty is a sugar cone filled with Twinkie-flavored frozen dairy and topped with golden sponge cake crumbles. The scoopable format is bite-sized sponge cake pieces and sweet frosting swirls in rich, creamy butter cream ice cream. Sno Balls come in  two formats. Inspired by the iconic pink coconut-dusted ball with outer marshmallow layer, the stick frozen treat has a chocolate ice cream center surrounded by vanilla and wrapped in pink coconut flakes. The pints are marshmallow-flavored ice cream with bite-sized chocolate cake pieces and whipped pink coconut swirl.

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