Kraft Heinz Co. Ramps Up Clean-Label Luncheon Meats

Kraft Heinz Co. is ramping up its new Oscar Mayer Natural line, which is all about no artificial preservatives and no artificial flavors or colors. Many of the products make “no antibiotics ever” and “no added hormones” claims. Products that are typically cured with nitrates and nitrites are now prepared without curing ingredients. Instead they rely on “natural cures” based on ingredients such as celery juice and cherry powder. This allows for an uncured label claim.

Less than a year ago, the brand made its debut with cold cut options, including various wood smoked ham and turkey breast slices, as well as slow-roasted chicken, roast beef and turkey slices. In the past six months, the company expanded the Natural portfolio to include bacon, sausage and, most recently, on-the-go Natural Meat & Cheese Plates. The new 3.3-oz. snack products come in three combinations, all containing whole wheat crackers. The combinations are: hickory smoked uncured ham and Monterey Jack cheese, honey smoked turkey and asiago cheese, and slow-roasted turkey and cheddar cheese. The company plans to continue to evolve and grow the line in 2018.

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