Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe Uses non-GMO ingredients for Old Fashioned Bread

Throughout history “breaking bread” has been a way of bringing people together. For more than 60 years Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe Inc. has been a part of this tradition with its focus on creating cherished eating experiences. The company’s newest product, Martin’s Old-Fashioned Real Butter Bread, is expected to keep this tradition growing strong through its appeal to both young and old. The wheat bread is made from non-GMO ingredients and uses only butter without any oils nor artificial colors or sweeteners. It has the popular split-top look and combines the nostalgia of days gone by with the great taste and high quality that today’s consumers expect.

“Most people know us for our potato roll and potato bread products,” says Tony Martin, executive vice president and grandson to the company’s founders. “We discovered that sometimes a customer may want a non-potato-based bread so we worked hard to create this new bread, which will be attractive to the customer who is looking for the staple of a ‘white bread’ but wants higher quality and better taste.”

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