McCormick & Co. Adds a Pinch of Global Flavor for Grilling Season

McCormick & Co. launches a range of new products based on flavors from around the world and across America. The 17 innovations answer consumer demand to explore regions through taste, while still offering ease and simplicity.

“Beyond spicy or tangy, consumers want to experience the authentic flavors of places like Hawaii, New Orleans and Brazil,” says Virginia Jordan, vice president of marketing. “Our new products make it easy to enjoy these tastes at home.”

The McCormick Grill Mates brand has four new dry mixes: Korean BBQ Marinade Mix, Bacon Chipotle Seasoning, Brazilian Steakhouse Seasoning and Southwest Chipotle Burger Sauce Mix-In. There are also three liquid marinades: Garlic, Herb & Wine; Hawaiian Woodfire; and Smokehouse Mesquite. The Stubb’s marinade mix line now includes Beef (soy, garlic and red pepper), Chicken (citrus and onion), Pork (chili, lime and ginger) and Texas Steakhouse (ancho chili and garlic). The Zatarain’s brand welcomes its first hot sauce, which is made with aged red peppers, Cajun spices and big chunks of garlic. There are also five flavorful biscuit and cornbread mixes made with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.