Nestea Rolls Out Next-Generation Brewed Iced Tea

Delivering on consumers’ changing needs, Nestlé Waters North America is introducing new premium Nestea ready-to-drink iced tea beverages and at the same time repositioning the classic brand. The reinvention is aimed at enhancing the position of Nestea in the rapidly expanding $4.5 billion ready-to-drink tea category. This is the first major overhaul of the iconic tea brand’s visual identity, packaging and product line in many years. It embodies the simplicity and delicious tasting refreshment that today’s consumers demand.

The new fruit-flavored teas contain no high-fructose corn syrup and have no artificial colors or flavors and no GMO ingredients. They are made with real sugar and stevia extract. The flavors are lemon, peach and raspberry. There’s also a new real-brewed tea line, which is made with up to five ingredients (water, sugar, tea, rooibos and citric acid). The unique hot-fill brewing process ensures a fresh-brewed tea taste. The line includes unsweetened black, slightly sweet black, slightly sweet black & rooibos and slightly sweet organic green tea. The beverages come in 16.9-oz. plastic bottles. The slightly sweetened varieties contain 100 calories per bottle. Unsweetened is calorie free.

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