Pneumatic Conveying System is Safe, Gentle

Pneumatic conveyors ensure secure, reliable, environmentally safe and explosion-free powder handling and transfer throughout the production process. In addition to offering dust and emission-free operation, thereby eliminating potential sources of ignition, major advantages include: Easy material aspiration and dust-free loading of machines; Gentle conveying, no separation or segregation of material blends; Optimum hygiene conditions; Reliable, quick change filter systems in cGMP quality; Simple installation and operation; Low energy consumption; All pneumatic operation with one simple air hook-up; Energy efficient Multijector vacuum pumps. The conveyor’s modular design allows customized modifications to suit the individual requirements. They are capable of conveying capacities of 100 lbs/hr up to 3.5 t/hr (max. 12 t/hr) over distances up to 300 horizontal ft. and 100 ft. high. They're ATEX certified.

Volkmann VS250
Product Type:
Conveying equipment