Protein Plus Rolls Out Peanut Protein Drink Mix

Protein Plus LLC, a producer of peanut and peanut-based products for the food and confectionary industries, rolls out its first consumer product — Protein Energy Power — a natural peanut protein powder drink mix. When prepared by adding two scoops to 8-oz. of cold water, a serving contains 17g protein, is high in fiber, low in sodium and cholesterol free. It can also be added to milk, which contributes additional protein and nutrients, or fruit and vegetable juices for an antioxidant-rich smoothie. The powder mix is void of genetically modified ingredients, as well as artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. Protein Energy Power comes in four flavors: Banana, Chocolate, Honey and Original.

“If you like the taste of peanuts you’ll really love the taste and performance of Peanut Energy Power,” says Allen Conger Jr., president. “It’s the best protein supplement option for health-conscious individuals that want a great-tasting, plant-based protein without all of the sugar, cholesterol and artificial ingredients found in many whey, soy, egg, milk and casein powders.”

Protein Energy Power comes in 1.8-lb. containers, enough to make 20 8-oz. servings. The suggested price is $28.99.

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