Saputo Rolls out Cheeses with Global Flavor Influences

In efforts to appeal to today’s adventurous consumers’ insatiable appetite for bold and ethnic flavors, Saputo Cheese USA Inc. is growing its Great Midwest artisan cheese brand. Hand-crafted in small batches, the three new flavors are ghost pepper cheddar in 7-oz bars, Mediterranean cheddar -- which combines sun-dried tomatoes, Kalamata olives and a spice into 7-oz bars -- and pesto jack in 8-oz. rounds. Earlier this year, the brand entered the retail cheese cube snack category with 12-oz. sharing packages of Colby jack, mild cheddar and pepper jack. The Great Midwest brand is known for its uniquely flavored cheddar cheeses, such as apple cinnamon, blueberry cobbler, chipotle, hatch pepper and mango, as well as flavored jacks, including morel with leeks, jalapeno and salsa.

Another new addition for Saputo is Saxon Creamery Big Ed’s Smokehaus Gouda, which is a sophisticated, velvety, full-flavored Gouda cheese with rich, smoky buttery flavors. Lastly, there’s new Stella Organic Fresh Mozzarella for the growing organics market. It has the same bright, refreshing taste of the company’s traditional fresh mozzarella offerings, but is now available as a USDA-certified organic cheese. The mozzarella comes in 4-oz. balls and 8-oz. logs.

Saputo Pesto Jack
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