Simply Asia Unveils Five Ready-for-Cooking Styles of Noodles

Consumers can now set aside the old-school spaghetti and twirl up some new noodles with the latest offering from Simply Asia, a brand of McCormick & Co. The line includes five styles of noodles ready-for-cooking in water or one of the two new flavorful, authentic ready-to-serve broths.

The Japanese-style soba noodles are thin with a nutty taste, while the familiar ramen is also thin, albeit much longer. The Japanese-style udon noodles are quite different, as they are thick and chewy. The Chinese-style lo mein noodles are denser and thicker than most Asian noodles. The fifth offering is stir fry rice noodles, which are delicate and thin and don’t require boiling. A staple in pho, these noodles only need to be soaked in hot water for 3 to 5 minutes until tender. The two aseptically packaged broths come in 26-oz. packs, with one cup containing 5g of protein. Varieties are Vietnamese-inspired Pho beef broth and Japanese-inspired Ramen soy ginger chicken broth. Packages feature recipes and serving suggestions, including noodle and vegetable combinations.

SimplyAsia PHO Beef Broth
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